Streamlining HR – the Gravitas HR Toolkit

Human Resources 13th April 2016

One of the challenges of employing people is keeping on top of all the paperwork – contracts of employment; holiday request forms; training records; sickness documents; bank details; appraisal forms; disciplinary letters; pay changes … the list goes on.

If you are fortunate enough to have someone in the company with responsibility for HR admin then hopefully each employee will have a nice neat file with their employment paperwork chronologically filed.  But the reality is that in most SME’s HR admin does not have an ‘owner’ and is unlikely to feature as a priority; it will probably get pushed down the ‘to-do list’ in favour of more urgent or interesting activities.

How quickly can you sign off a holiday request form confidently knowing that you won’t have too many people off at the same time? And how do you track and monitor sickness absence? Can you lay your hands on documents readily or are you left rummaging through reams of paperwork each time you need to locate a contract of employment or an employee’s latest appraisal form?

Many of our clients were facing this challenge on a daily basis so we have spent much of the last year looking for the best possible solution.  After much research and testing we have entered into a partnership with a leading software provider and have now launched The Gravitas HR Toolkit.

So what does this Toolkit do?

The Gravitas HR Toolkit is a web-based HR system, specifically designed for SMEs.  It helps you to streamline essential HR tasks, manage staff and become more organised.

Key Benefits:

1. Online System

Our internet-based HR system can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so you can manage holidays, absence, HR documents and more from any location in just a few clicks. All you need is an internet connection and a suitable device.

2. Employee Database

The system provides an employee database and record keeping, enabling you to record personal and work details, absence, holiday and training and more.

3. Employee Self Service

Employees are able to request holiday, manage their own personal details, review documents and more with ease.

4. Document Tracking

Managers can issue documents and policies to individuals, groups or whole teams. Employees can access documents and you can track when they are opened and confirm when they have been read and understood.

5. Reporting

A comprehensive reporting system allows you to extract meaningful management information from the day-to-day interactions of employees.

The Gravitas HR Toolkit is a cost effective solution for organising and simplifying your everyday HR tasks.

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