HR: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Human Resources 4th February 2013

How many businesses out there see HR as a necessary evil or an unwanted distraction? Let’s face it, dealing with people issues can be frustrating and time consuming; and after all it is very difficult to measure as far as the bottom line is concerned.

The result of this approach is that many businesses judge their HR compliance and performance on the number of issues that have arisen. Indeed they may not perceive there to be any need to address their HR policies and processes until something actually goes wrong. The outcome can be pretty dire as they are forced to scurry off to their local employment lawyer to dig them out of an unfortunate and costly hole, dug by their own hand. The direct cost of defending a Tribunal claim, even if the Company wins the case, can run into thousands. In addition there is the Management time and potential damage to reputation to consider, often taking the true cost into tens of thousands.

The moral has to be that all businesses need to understand what they are missing before it tells them. A basic HR Audit can help them to understand where they are and what actions they need to minimise risk and protect the business. They will be able to plan a strategy to achieve this and implement appropriate policies and processes to ensure they are in good shape to deal with most people related issues.

Could your business benefit from an HR Audit?

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