What Does The National Minimum Wage Mean To You?

Business 3rd July 2017

What will happen to the National Living Wage?  

Theresa May has pledged to increase the rate to around £8.75 per hour by 2020, and Jeremy Corbin went a step further by saying that all workers should be paid at least £10 an hour.

But what would this do for your business? 

The prospect of an increased salary bill is a daunting one.  Most employers want to reward their staff fairly, however, there are limits to what small businesses can afford and you are likely to be concerned about how mandatary wage increases will impact your business over the coming years.

You’re not alone. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has commented that accelerating the pace of increases to the national living wage could price workers out of a job, and that young people are likely to be the worst affected.

We will have to wait and see how it pans out, but it’s fair to assume that the National Living Wage will increase.  For the moment, it would be sensible to give some thought to how your business would cope with increases.  It’s not just the impact of an hourly rate increase to consider, it’s also the knock-on effect of how it would affect parity with the rest of your workforce. 

Changes like this can be daunting, but they’re all part of running a business.

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