How Will LinkedIn Respond To Facebook’s New Jobs Feature?

Business 22nd March 2017

For the past couple of years, LinkedIn has had a monopoly when it comes to being the social network of choice for recruiters and small business owners on the lookout for top talent.  With changes recently announced by Facebook, will the more ‘professional network’ have a fight on its hands?

Many business owners have been using Facebook for recruitment for quite some time and we’ve all seen posts from Companies letting their followers know that they’re hiring. The new feature will simply make the process a bit more intuitive. 

As soon as the job is posted to Facebook, anyone visiting the page will be able to make an application. There’s even the option for candidates to auto-fill their information based on the details that Facebook holds on them, such as name and location, to make the process a little speedier. 

Similarly, Facebook will allow page owners to pay to ‘boost’ their job ads to reach more people, based on their demographics and interests.

The feature is new so it’ll be interesting to see how it works out over the coming weeks and months, and whether businesses manage to leverage the power of Facebook to find their top talent.

The move demonstrates that online recruitment is very much a growing phenomenon, and it’s something that businesses can ill afford to ignore. Putting an ad in your local paper is not likely to cut it anymore, and you need to make sure that your recruiting toolkit is up to date. 

Traditionally Facebook has been viewed as the less formal social network, used by people wanting to connect with friends and family, rather than looking for new opportunities and the new developments reveal how the business world is changing. The lines between work and leisure are becoming more intertwined and this is a challenge and an opportunity in its own right for small business owners

What do you think about the recent announcement from Facebook? Will you be updating your recruitment practices accordingly? 

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