Do you “go the extra mile” for your clients?

Business 19th July 2016

In business there is a real buzz when you land a new client. The endorphin rush is a shot in the arm, fuelling motivation and confidence. But what of your existing clients, do you celebrate continued engagement and strengthen those relationships?

On a recent holiday to the Alsace region in France, I was presented with a supreme example of the benefits of going the extra mile to build a superior customer experience. Visiting a highly rated restaurant for the first time is always an exciting event and on occasions it can turn into an anti-climax or simply leave you wondering what all the fuss was about.

When we entered the restaurant we were given the opportunity to dine in their walled garden. We had booked in person the previous day and asked about the possibility of eating outdoors and the owner had taken note. Once seated we were presented with a gastronomical menu, hand written on a small blackboard. We proceeded to google various words to gain a clearer understanding of what each dish was about. We were still not sure about several of the dishes and our Waiter realised we needed more help and spoke with the owner. His response was to kneel down at our table to explain each dish in some detail. He also asked us about our wine choice and gently steered us away from our first choice to a more appropriate bottle. Outstanding customer service, but he had not finished and we were then presented with a complimentary glass of our original wine choice prior to our first course…..and needless to say the food was outstanding.

So what can you do to improve your client engagement and generate excellent customer experience? Your first task is to engage with your staff and enlist them as your customer champions and brand advocates. An enthusiastic, fully engaged workforce will become your greatest asset and make the task of growing your business much more achievable. The keys are:

•    Listen to your clients and get to know them through regular contact.
•    Respond to their concerns and tailor your approach to meet their requirements.
•    Seek out opportunities to exceed their expectations.

…and go the extra mile. 

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